Due to confidentiality, I am not able to give the names of some of my clients, so with their kind permission I have used their initials. Nonetheless, these are all genuine testimonials and reviews given by clients who have had their lives changed for the better.

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Contact me to add your success to this page

Contact me to add your success to this page 

When I first went to see Karen I was completely lost. I felt I had lost all control over my personal life through a relationship in which I was being controlled.   I knew in my head it was wrong but I did not have the strength to say enough is enough!   

Karen helped me in ways which I never thought possible. Especially in times where I felt so low and wanted to give up.  After just a few sessions with Karen I started to believe in myself and found that I was worth so much more.  I found me again and  the strength in me.   I can never thank her enough I honestly believe Karen worked a miracle on me. 

NC - August 2019)

I felt so positive all thanks to you and your fantastic help with our meetings.

I no longer have nausea and am eating much better and slowly putting on weight.

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, which will I am sure  always help me in the future.

 I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who would need to see you. I am getting better each day and will continue to use all you have taught me to do.

EP - (July 2019)

I have felt much better in myself, my anxiety symptoms have calmed down significantly. I utilise the coping mechanisms we discussed when I feel things are overwhelming me and they help stop negative feelings and thoughts progressing.

The recordings provided are also helpful and help me to get into a better place. I seem to have let go of some of my past issues following one of the exercises we did and they don't bother me at all any longer which is wonderful.

I would highly recommend you to anyone experiencing any similar issues. 

LP - (June 2019)

Life changing!

My anxiety was so debilitating that I was struggling to have a rational thought and my mind was constantly whirring in the most negative way. I was fearful that I was going ‘mad’.

Karen has helped me to become the person I was, again- confident, rational, happy, with a blissfully clear mind. I can’t thank her enough and the service is amazing! Not only do you get an incredible session, Karen sends you  bespoke recordings 

Absolutely incredible. I would recommend Karen to anyone.  

BH - (Nov 2019)

I just wanted to thank you for helping me as I could not have wished it to go any better, walking down the steps to the plane I had a ‘what if I panic during take off moment’ and just repeated ‘You are in control’ 3 times, put on my headset and here I am in Canada!! 

I got talking to the guy in the seat next to me about flying and he said you must work miracles as he would never have imagined me being worried in anyway shape or form.

Thank you Karen, it feels amazing to be here and I would not have done this without your help.

IH - (Sept 2019)

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I went to see Karen for help with emetophobia, for which I had suffered with for most of my life.


After only a few sessions, I noticed a huge change for the positive and my life has changed dramatically.


I found Karen to be very understanding, non-judgemental, kind, caring and above all extremely professional and would recommend her without hesitation.

DG - (May 2019)

I contacted Karen as I had severe social phobia and anxiety around work issues.


Karen is very friendly professional and easy to talk to. With the personalised mp3's and tools that Karen taught me I am now able to enjoy life to the full.


I have recently attended a family wedding and enjoyed a holiday in the sun, While on holiday my partner said I seemed happier and more sociable.


Karen has given me my confidence back.

JP - (Feb 2019)

I had a debilitating phobia of Spiders which was taking over my entire life.

I was at the point in my life where I was willing to try anything. I have noticed a huge difference in the way I deal with spiders and my phobia! Instead of crying and freezing on the spot for hours on end, I am now able to deal with a spider in a much calmer fashion.

I can't explain how it works as everyone is different but one thing is for certain, I can't thank Karen enough for helping me, she has truly changed my life!

C. Downes - (Oct 2018)

I was low, down and been drinking way too much. I went to see Karen and could feel the change but after a while I felt that I needed a second session.


The change in me has been amazing, positive, happy and sober.... but more importantly home life is much better, as is my health.


Thank you Karen.


J -  (Dec 2018)

We tackled the drinking first. I’ve not touched a drop of the hard stuff for almost 3 weeks. Anyone who knows me will agree that it’s a minor miracle!!!! I feel so much better in myself and I’m loving the sober feeling.

Seriously, i know it sounds corny but if I can stop drinking and smoking anything is possible. Thanks Karen for the help and support and I would recommend your services to anyone who needs some assistance with their issues.

N -  (Sept 2018)

The sessions with Karen were for a specific fear which had started to hinder my life somewhat.


Karen was able to help me in just a few sessions. Her approach is very gentle and effective.


With Karen’s help, I have overcome my fear which has given me a new lease of life. 

L - (Aug 2018)

The sessions with Karen have proved to be very beneficial to me.


They made me realise that I needed to put in place a few strategies to help me cope with the personal challenges I will face in the future.

They have enabled some deep rooted changes and made me feel more secure and optimistic about what is to come.

L - Staffs

Karen is a very warm and friendly person who completely puts you at ease and I find she is very easy to talk to. I particularly liked the fact that Karen enabled me to come up with solutions myself instead

of telling me what to do as think it is more empowering and builds confidence in your own abilities.


I have really enjoyed the life coaching sessions and found it to be very beneficial and have found my life coach Karen to be extremely supportive, positive and encouraging.

J - Staffs

Karen is easy to talk to, she is open and non-judgemental, which encouraged me to be open and honest with her.  Karen's questions and guidance helped me to see several areas of my life that need work. I liked the way that she introduced helpful tools and techniques, which gave me a different perspective on some of my issues. 


She maintained a professional attitude at all times and her genuine desire to be of help was evident.  I never felt that she was trying to push me in a certain direction or give me advice - it was all about getting me to see things for myself.

A - Staffs

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