Due to confidentiality, I am not able to give the names of some of my clients, so with their kind permission I have used their initials. Nonetheless, these are all genuine testimonials and reviews given by clients who have had their lives changed for the better.

Contact me to add your success to this page

Contact me to add your success to this page

Contact me to add your success to this page 

I can’t thank Karen enough. 


I was in dark place with racing thoughts all of the time, as soon as the first session ended and I had my first ever recording that’s when I realised that she is the best person I have ever came across in this profession.


I have dealt with depression a lot throughout my life and after seeing Karen and listening to the recordings when I needed them the most, it has really changed my life for the better.


I would recommend Karen as she is professional, kind, understanding and one of the easiest people to speak too.    

BK - (May 2021)

Hypnobirthing success!

I contacted Karen as I could see that she offered hypnobirthing sessions. I was pregnant with my 2nd child and was very stressed and anxious about the birth due to having such a bad experience first time round!

I had actually listened to one of Karen's tracks on the morning that I went in to labour and by that afternoon I had my baby! It all went very quickly and smoothly and I hadn't even realised that I was in labour until I was in the final stages!! This was completely different to my previous birth.

I would highly recommend Karen to anyone.

LM - (May 2021)

I have suffered from anxiety and worry for a number of years and I contacted Karen for help after trying other avenues including medication.

Karen taught me to relax and look at my thoughts in a different way by being positive and not looking at the negatives.

After several sessions I feel calm and relaxed and I look forward to every day.

Thank you Karen.

IL - (May 2021)

Having had a number of sessions with Karen I found them fab!


She taught me so many different ways to deal with my anxiety and I'm now using those techniques in my everyday life to find positivity, calmness and confidence!


Huge thank you Karen I am forever grateful for your help and support! 

KC - (May 2021)

Karen helped me so much, she listened to what I had to say guiding me through my troubles.


The sessions were friendly and professional.


Karen emailed me with guidance notes to print off and I received recordings which kept me on track to recovery.


Myself and my family are so grateful and would highly recommend Karen.


It feels fantastic to be back to my normal self.

SF - (Feb 2021)

I would like to thank you for your help with my chocolate addiction - I was eating 10-14 bars every day - yes that is true!

Following my visits to you and your aftercare MP3 recordings, I now have no desire whatsoever to eat chocolate ever again!


I am losing weight, and making healthy food choices which can only be good for my health, and hopefully reverse my type 2 diabetes condition.

Thank you very much - I highly recommend your services.


DG - (Feb 2021)

I’d been picking at my hair for 25 years and never managed to stop. I didn’t know why I did it but was so frustrated with myself for ruining it constantly and never being able to grow it out.

Karen’s treatment worked so quickly. I enjoyed the relaxation with hypnosis, and within a few weeks, had stopped ruining my hair. It’s been several months now, and I use my hypnosis occasionally when I’ve had a bad day or just need a time out. I feel it helps me to relax, and maybe that’s why it also stops me from picking my hair out.


I would definitely recommend this for anyone to try. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to give it a go!”

EB - (Jan 2021)

Thank you for helping me to get my life back. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for years, 

I had been studying in my final year for a degree, depressed and lacking motivation, I hadn’t done any studying since January, 

I smashed the deadlines, handing all assignments in on time and achieving a first class degree.

I am motivated and focussed and able to make positive decisions for the
future.I feel empowered and feel able
to deal with life crises with a level head.

I would recommend your service to others struggling to make sense of things or needing a boost to their motivation.

NR - (Oct 2020)

After suffering with anxiety for months during what can only be described as the worse year ever I researched hypnotherapy and Karen had excellent reviews, a had an initial consultation and felt that Karen understood everything that I was saying and was very empathetic.


I have had several sessions now and can honestly say that Karen is amazing and I would 100% recommend her.


The follow up recordings help to support each session and provide a go to helping hand when needed.


Thank you Karen for making life worth living again

NM - (Dec 2020)

When I first met Karen, my anxiety was controlling me and I needed to do something.


After admittedly feeling like I didn't understand how the techniques would help me, after every session I started to realise I was thinking differently.


My anxiety scores went from being very high at the beginning of treatment to really low by the time we finished. I can almost feel my brain thinking differently now which is something I never thought was possible.


As cheesy as it sounds, Karen has literally changed my life! 

EP - (Sept 2020)

Karen has made such an incredible impact on my life:

I’ve suffered for years with insomnia and anxiety.  To say I was desperate for a good nights sleep was a massive understatement. Not only has Karen helped me to achieve this with hypnotherapy, but has also learnt me valuable techniques to overcome my anxiety and helped me to start living the life that I love.

When Karen asked me if I would be willing to write a short testimonial about her work, I didn’t hesitate as her work has improved my sleep and confidence ten-fold, and I would highly recommend anyone to get in touch with her.  

KM - (Feb 2020)

MRI Scan

I am pleased to say it went well and I managed to get through using the coping techniques you have taught me. My husband said he was actually suprised at how calm I seemed when I came out.  

I would like to thank you for all your help and advice. I shall continue to listen to your recordings for relaxation as I have enjoyed the much needed sleep I have benefitted from.

I wouldn't hesitate to return for further treatment or to recommend you to other people suffering from anxiety and/or phobias or indeed for help in other areas of their life.

ST - (Mar 2020)

Life changing!

My anxiety was so debilitating that I was struggling to have a rational thought and my mind was constantly whirring in the most negative way. I was fearful that I was going ‘mad’.

Karen has helped me to become the person I was, again- confident, rational, happy, with a blissfully clear mind. I can’t thank her enough and the service is amazing! Not only do you get an incredible session, Karen sends you  bespoke recordings 

Absolutely incredible. I would recommend Karen to anyone.  

BH - (Nov 2019)

When I first went to see Karen I was completely lost. I felt I had lost all control over my personal life through a relationship in which I was being controlled.   I knew in my head it was wrong but I did not have the strength to say enough is enough!   

Karen helped me in ways which I never thought possible. Especially in times where I felt so low and wanted to give up.  After just a few sessions with Karen I started to believe in myself and found that I was worth so much more.  I found me again and  the strength in me.   I can never thank her enough I honestly believe Karen worked a miracle on me. 

NC -  (August 2019)

I just wanted to thank you for helping me as I could not have wished it to go any better, walking down the steps to the plane I had a ‘what if I panic during take off moment’ and just repeated ‘You are in control’ 3 times, put on my headset and here I am in Canada!! 

I got talking to the guy in the seat next to me about flying and he said you must work miracles as he would never have imagined me being worried in anyway shape or form.

Thank you Karen, it feels amazing to be here and I would not have done this without your help.

IH - (Sept 2019)

I felt so positive all thanks to you and your fantastic help with our meetings.

I no longer have nausea and am eating much better and slowly putting on weight.

I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, which will I am sure  always help me in the future.

 I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who would need to see you. I am getting better each day and will continue to use all you have taught me to do.

EP - (July 2019)

I have felt much better in myself, my anxiety symptoms have calmed down significantly. I utilise the coping mechanisms we discussed when I feel things are overwhelming me and they help stop negative feelings and thoughts progressing.

The recordings provided are also helpful and help me to get into a better place. I seem to have let go of some of my past issues following one of the exercises we did and they don't bother me at all any longer which is wonderful.

I would highly recommend you to anyone experiencing any similar issues. 

LP - (June 2019)

I went to see Karen for help with emetophobia, for which I had suffered with for most of my life.


After only a few sessions, I noticed a huge change for the positive and my life has changed dramatically.


I found Karen to be very understanding, non-judgemental, kind, caring and above all extremely professional and would recommend her without hesitation.

DG - (May 2019)

I contacted Karen as I had severe social phobia and anxiety around work issues.


Karen is very friendly professional and easy to talk to. With the personalised mp3's and tools that Karen taught me I am now able to enjoy life to the full.


I have recently attended a family wedding and enjoyed a holiday in the sun, While on holiday my partner said I seemed happier and more sociable.


Karen has given me my confidence back.


JP - (Feb 2019)

I had a debilitating phobia of Spiders which was taking over my entire life.

I was at the point in my life where I was willing to try anything. I have noticed a huge difference in the way I deal with spiders and my phobia! Instead of crying and freezing on the spot for hours on end, I am now able to deal with a spider in a much calmer fashion.

I can't explain how it works as everyone is different but one thing is for certain, I can't thank Karen enough for helping me, she has truly changed my life!

C. Downes - (Oct 2018)

We tackled the drinking first. I’ve not touched a drop of the hard stuff for almost 3 weeks. Anyone who knows me will agree that it’s a minor miracle!!!! I feel so much better in myself and I’m loving the sober feeling.

Seriously, i know it sounds corny but if I can stop drinking and smoking anything is possible. Thanks Karen for the help and support and I would recommend your services to anyone who needs some assistance with their issues.


N -  (Sept 2018)